Decision to contact a psychologist is not easy. Experience tells us that before doing this step people have to take some important decisions. Primary, they have to decide that the time has come to address a situation and they need someone outside their life, which helps to clarify matters.

The significant events in the life of a person (graduate, find a job, get married, have children, move, change city or town, losing an important person, etc.) affect his/her existence and can sometimes cause the disruption of a psychological nature.

Working on motivation and change of the vision, guide the person toward the goals he/she wish to achieve and at the same time the one’s inner resources are brought out as a very important and long-lasting support.

The final goal is to improve the living condition of a particular area; clarify what you want to “do” and then define the actions that will bettered your situation.

The psychologist / life coach supports the person providing the ability to process small changes to generate new perspectives for the individual, couple, family.